The weekend in words


Unusual, I know. Usually it’s the weekend in picture, but my boyfriend took our camera to Las Vegas with him to visit his high school friends and their one year old daughter. Let’s just hope he took tons of adorable pictures of her!

This weekend was really fun! I’ve recently started working 4-10 hour days at my job, so I have three day weekends every weekend. This time around, my dear friend Nora who I met during my time at Mono Lake (which you can read about here) was driving to Fort Collins and stopped to spend 24 hours with me! This is a major treat. The time I spent in Le Vining, CA is easily the best time of my life. I had just graduated from college, was relatively stress and commitment free, was completely carefree and not at all worried about the future. I was able to be 100% committed to where I was and what I was doing, no outside distractions and no wishes for the past or future. One of my biggest challenges is really being where I am, and for two years I was able to do it without a second thought.

Nora is a person I was destined to know. We went to the same college for a year and even had a class together, but missed the opportunity to get to know one another until we both had summer internships with the Mono Lake Committee. Nora is a person who loves unconditionally, and is so enthusiastic about life it’s hard not to be happy around her. Since I moved away from Lee Vining, Nora has come to visit me twice in Grand Junction and I’ve been back to visit her once and it’s always a wonderful time.

Friends from Lee Vining, Nora is in the middle.

This time around, we chatted about what’s been going on in Lee Vining since my visit last winter, went paddle boarding on Highline Lake, a small state park near town, made delicious food (more on this soon) and played cribbage (a tradition of ours). It was so lovely to catch up with Nora, and to be completely re-energized by her infectious enthusiasm! Nora, I love you so much! Thanks for taking time to come see me, and I can’t wait until next time.


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