Madison, WI


This weekend I travelled to Madison to visit my lovely sister Libbie. She and her boyfriend Matt just moved in to an awesome apartment together (!!!) that’s on the isthmus near the Capitol and the University, perfect walking distance from the lake and downtown. Unfortunately, we were both sick this weekend, so we chose to keep it pretty low-key, but still managed to have a ton of fun! Here are some photos from our wonderful weekend:

Libbie and Matt on the Port Washington pier out to Lake Michigan

Libbie and I with Lake Michigan in the background.

A beautiful eggplant and pepper display at the farmers market.

One of many cheese samples at the farmers market. And yes, the curds really do squeak 🙂

Another beautiful pepper display.

A yummy and mostly local(ish) wine and cheese happy hour.

Someone forgot their bike…several years ago.

A gorgeous sunset on the lake.

Night falls on the Capitol.

There’s the weekend in pictures that I owed you, blog. Thanks, Libbie and Matt, for inviting me to hang out with you for the weekend! Despite our sickness, I still had a blast exploring Madison and getting a glimpse of their lives! Plus, I got to meet the new addition to their family…


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