Busy Busy


So I just worked a 12 hour day. Now I’m at home studying for the exam I have to take tomorrow after I finish working (which I go to less than 12 hours after I got off today) and all I wanted to do was take a picture of my adorable dog helping me study. But, she’s afraid of weird sounds and flashing lights, so as soon as I turned the camera onto her she was petrified. I got two pictures of her turning her face away from me and cowering and now I feel bad because she was all cuddly before 😦 So you’ll just have to take my word for it. She’s curled up right behind my chair providing all the moral support she’s capable of (which is quite a lot, she’s very compassionate). Hopefully I can work on her fear of cameras so I can get some great photos of her up! For now, here’s this:

How can you not be completely in love with dogs?

Click on the picture if you want to see more adorable pictures of Orvis!


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