A weekend in Salt Lake City


Last weekend was the ONLY weekend in September or October that wasn’t scheduled with something specific. Between work, hunting and a relatively busy social calendar, the fall is a busy time for us! But last weekend the only plan we had was to find some fall. We live in Colorado, after all. Thursday night we got a call from Kyle’s dad: “Hey, I’m going to be in Salt Lake this weekend, you guys want to come out?”

So we packed up the dogs and the car and made the 4 hour trek over the mountains to go see some family. Turns out Salt Lake has fall too!

Fall color – beautiful box elders!

First photo taken looking straight into the sun.

A better picture taken in the shade with pretty leaves in the background.

Riding into a tunnel of colorful trees!

At the top of Catherine Pass

On a run through the lovely leaves!

What a fun weekend! We biked, hiked, ran, ate, window shopped and hung out with Kyle’s dad. I’ve always been a little skeptical of SLC – one of two cities in the Great Basin, a fairly prominent Mormon presence (I don’t have anything against Mormons, I just don’t like having too much of any one thing), a 3.2% alcohol limit from the tap (not an alcoholic, just love myself a good beer!), overall a lot of rules. But I was pleasantly surprised by our time there. The foothills around the city are FULL of trails – mountain biking, hiking, running. There are funny rules about even numbered days being dogs off-leash days, odd numbered days being mountain biking days, etc but what can you expect in a city? On Sunday afternoon, we went up to Snowbird for their Oktoberfest which involved a lot of beer, some delicious sausage and kraut, and a rowdy yodeling competition. But the most important thing of all happened on Saturday night after we arrived.

I found THE BEST pumpkin beer I’ve ever had. Usually pumpkin beer is disappointing. The flavor is either fake, or it’s not strong enough to carry the beer. But because I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything with pumpkin in it, I keep trying. And I was finally rewarded. This beer is brewed with pumpkin puree and pie spices that really bring out the flavor of the pumpkin. I don’t know if it was the aroma that pulled this beer together, but there was a distinct pumpkin-y character to this beer that most pumpkin beers lack. If you find yourselves in Salt Lake City in the next month or so, I highly recommend stopping by Squatter’s to taste their pumpkin beer (the salmon caesar salad wasn’t bad either!).





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  1. I spent exactly 48 hours in Salt Lake City and while I wasn’t impressed by the city itself – man, Mormons are TOO friendly – but the scenery is absolutely beautiful.

    • I didn’t spend enough time in the city itself to get a great feel for the people – we spent too much time up in the hills – but we did walk our dogs around the huge aviary in the middle of town which I thought was gorgeous! Mormons can be too friendly, especially the ones that ring your doorbell and invite you to join them, but they can also be great people with SOME good values. Certainly there are many topics on which Mormons and I disagree, but if they don’t try to change me, I won’t try to change them!

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